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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Here at W2, our founder, Ms Ong Wee Wah, has always had a soft spot for giving back to society.


As time rolled on, this wonderful value has become part of our company's DNA, infecting every member of our vibrant W2 team.


While we're dedicated to serving our cherished customers and consistently exceeding their expectations, we're equally thrilled about spreading the love to our community in all sorts of creative ways.


Here at W2, we believe that even the tiniest deeds have a huge, ripple-effect impact!


During W2's 15th Anniversary, our initial plan to volunteer at Thye Hua Kwan Nursing Home had to be readjusted due to a sudden spike in community COVID cases. In light of prioritizing the well-being of the senior residents and recognizing the limitations of direct interaction, we swiftly adapted our approach. In place of the planned visit, we devised an alternative strategy to contribute by supplying much-needed groceries to the nursing home.


In smaller teams, we embarked on an island-wide adventure, tackling various assigned tasks and objectives. Upon completing the activities, each team headed to a nearby supermarket to procure essential groceries from a list provided by the nursing home. These items were later delivered to the nursing home, extending much-needed support to its residents.

Though our original plan underwent modifications due to unforeseen circumstances, the nursing home expressed gratitude through a heartfelt appreciation letter, acknowledging the positive impact of our contribution. Despite the altered course, we derived a sense of fulfilment, knowing that our efforts still made a meaningful difference in the community.

Appreciation Letter from THK Nursing Home


In 2019, W2 organized our yearly teambuilding excursion to Batam, during which we paid a visit to a nearby orphanage housing children ages 5 to 21. Remarkably, we established meaningful connections with every one of these young individuals, rendering the trip a profoundly significant experience for our entire team.

While on our trip, we were assigned the meaningful task of repainting the orphanage's walls. This provided us with a creative opportunity to breathe new life into the surroundings. Consequently, we chose to adorn the living area with a vibrant palm tree mural.


Our intention behind this artistic endeavour was to leave a lasting reminder for the children that, with resilience, love, happiness, and, most importantly, unity, they can aspire to accomplish even greater things in the future.

Both the children and our staff thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the handprinting session for our palm tree project. Ultimately, it was the collaborative process of accomplishing the task as a united team that added a deeper layer of meaning and warmth to the final result.

Throughout our stay, we engaged in a modest performance session with the children, seizing the chance to offer hampers as a gesture of our gratitude. In addition, our staff distributed stationery and bags to the youngsters. Witnessing the sheer delight on the children's faces heightened the sense of fulfillment we derived from our collective efforts on that day.

The incredible day concluded with a captivating performance by the children, showcasing their remarkable talents and beautiful voices. Following the performance, we all gathered to savor the delightful local traditional dish, Nasi Tumpeng, which was truly a gastronomic delight.


It was an unforgettable trip, and we aspire to maintain our commitment to giving back to society, both locally in Singapore and on a global scale, in the years ahead.


As part of our Company's 10th-anniversary incentive trip to Chiang Mai, we had the privilege of visiting the Sri Sangwan School. This remarkable institution is managed by a dedicated team of around 70 teachers and supported by 50 other staff members. Sri Sangwan School provides a home and education to roughly 300 children with disabilities, spanning from kindergarten to secondary school students.

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During our visit to the Sri Sangwan School, our staff distributed snacks and beverages to all the children in attendance. Furthermore, we took the initiative to coordinate various game stations, providing the children with opportunities to engage in fun activities. Witnessing the children wholeheartedly enjoying these games brought immense satisfaction to our team.

Although bidding farewell to these wonderful children at the trip's conclusion was challenging, the memories created during our time with them will be cherished and remain vivid in our minds for a considerable time to come.

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