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About INNO 2 Plus

The INNO 2 Plus represents an enhanced iteration of the INNO 2 system. Its Cloud-Based Control, Monitoring, and Alert System facilitate smoother data transmission and task automation, particularly through autosamplers.


This advancement eliminates the necessity for manual intervention in overseeing multiple water samplers deployed in worker dormitories and residential areas across Singapore.


Additionally, this system empowers end-users with more detailed information about on-site autosamplers, including the specific types of faults detected by the autosampling process.



With the sampler's intelligent capabilities, the cause of failure can be identified through the Web App. Upon detecting any issues with the samplers through the app, suitable corrective measures can be promptly implemented, ensuring effective resolution.


The modification of the sampling schedule remains confined to the online cloud system and is now stored within a Microcontroller. This arrangement guarantees the uninterrupted continuity of the sampling process, even in the event of an internet disruption.

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