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W2 specializes in a diverse array of products, including Portable and Fixed Gas Detectors, Wastewater Auto-Sampling systems, and an extensive selection of other industrial safety and handling equipment. As the authorized distributor for well-known international brands like Honeywell, ION Science, Schlumberger, Aquamatic, Varec Biogas, Drallim, Boreal, Spectrex, MEDC, and Calgaz, we provide high-quality solutions to meet diverse industrial needs.


Aquamatic, a UK-based manufacturer established in 1991, is a leading producer of high-quality Automatic Wastewater Sampling equipment.


With a vast global installation base, our samplers are extensively utilized by Water Companies, Environment Agencies, and various industries.


Each Aquamatic Wastewater Sampler contains the distinctive Aquacell Sampling Module, ensuring reliable and consistent extraction of accurate samples from wastewater sources.

Boreal Laser

Boreal Laser specializes in creating laser-based gas detection devices catering to various gases, industries, and applications. The GasFinder product line by Boreal Laser offers measurement and monitoring solutions tailored for safety, environmental, and mobile purposes.


Calgaz, a global frontrunner in specialty calibration gases, offers a comprehensive range of gas cylinders for safety, marine, hygiene, and health applications.


With manufacturing locations in the USA and UK, Calgaz has been synonymous with unmatched quality, reliability, and exceptional service for nearly four decades. Our dedication to superior quality is evident in every product we deliver, setting us apart from other calibration gas providers.


Through strong partnerships with our customers, we consistently exceed their expectations by understanding and addressing their specific needs.